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Filing Fee:
$150 for the 1st page and $144.00 for each additional page.


To comply with the state statutes and ensure quality plat records, the following items are required to file a plat:

  • Plat size is 24" x 36"
  • All drawings, printing and signatures must be in permanent black ink camera positive
  • Ink may be on Mylar or bond paper with image on top
  • 3 mil or greater matte finish Mylar material or bond paper that does not exceed 24 lb
  • An engineering or surveying firm must prepare the plat. We will not accept architectural plans.
  • The engineering or surveying firms' name and address and the engineer's or surveyor's signature and seal
  • Owner's printed name and notarized signature
  • Key Map reference
  • Provide one (1) or more originals of each plat page. The clerk will retain one (1) original and return it to the filer within five business days after recording and scanning
  • Provide adequate space for the Clerk's certificate information including: "Filed in Slide No. ________ of the Plat Records of Fort Bend County, Texas"
  • Provide adequate space for the Clerk's recording labels
  • Municipal approved plats must include the following or similar wording: "All of the property subdivided in the foregoing plat is within the incorporated boundaries of the City of ________________, Texas".
  • Current original tax certificates from all the property's taxing entities. A letter on letterhead from the person or company filing that lists all taxing entities and states it is a complete list. The signer must print their name and title under their signature.
  • Per Property Code 12.002(e) plats filed after September 1 of a year must be submitted with a current year tax receipt issued by each taxing unit with jurisdiction, or a statement indicating taxes have not been calculated.  If tax certificate does not cover the preceding year, a tax receipt indicating the previous year's tax has been paid must be attached

Note: A plat will be rejected if any of the above requirements are not met.  If you have questions prior to submitting, please contact the Recording Department of the County Clerk.

Last updated: 4/21/2017 2:28:13 PM